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Vibrating Table for Interlocking Paver Tiles

Vibrating Table for Interlocking Paver Tiles

Pavement landscapes created by interlocking paver tiles are unique. Interlocking mechanism is followed for the placement of these tiles. Installing and repairing are easy when it comes to residential or commercial interlocking pavements. These tiles are developed in different colors, patterns and styles. Vibrating table for interlocking paver tiles is one of tiles making machines; made from stainless or carbon steel. The 10x3 feet table vibrates through an attached 3H.P., 3Phase, 2880 rpm motor. The vibrating motion of this machine can be adjusted to vertical, horizontal, two dimensional or three dimensional. Using vibrating table, bulk material can be loosen up and products can be settled and compacted. Other than building, the industries that make use of vibrators are pharmaceutical, chemical and food. The simple structure, reliability, easy installation, low noise, less power consumption and portability are few salient features of this vibrating table for interlocking paver tiles. If you are interested in buying this machine, contact us.



10 Feet x 3 Feet


3H.P., 3Phase, 2880 rpm.