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Concrete Block Making Machine

Concrete Block Making Machine

Concrete block is ideal for site walls, foundation and many other building applications. These weather resistant blocks were once prepared manually. Presently, with the introduction of technology, machines are designed for doing the job. Concrete block making machine is one of the specialized construction machinery offered by us. The company has professionals, who design, produce and deliver this machine to customers all across the world. The machine stands on four high strength wheels, which allows easy movement of this machine. Two kinds of moulds are provided with this machine- solid block mould and hollow block mould, so as to produce any type of concrete blocks. This egg laying type, hydraulic operated machine lays block on concrete floor and moves to the next laying. This machine is operated via three different motors- hydraulic, vibrator and travel. If you want to know more about this machine, please contact us on below mentioned contact numbers.

This is an egg laying type hydraulic operated concrete block making machine on wheels which will lay block on the concrete floor and move to the next laying. Any type of concrete blocks can be produced with consistent quality by fixing different types of concrete mould and ram in the machine.

Technical specifications

Total Power

9 hp

hydraulic motor

5 hp 1440 rpm

vibrator motor

3 hp 2880 rpm

travel motor

1 hp 1440 rpm

Forming area

1060mm x 600 mm

Labour Required

6 Persons

moulds are made by Concrete Block Making Machine.